Sylk Natural Personal Moisturiser


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Sylk Personal Moisturiser is a natural, water based lubricant that provides relief from vaginal dryness. Suitable for everyday dryness or as an intimate lubricant. NHS approved and safe for use alongside HRT, with condoms, during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. Sylk Natural Personal Moisturiser is the completely natural lubricant that can be used for sexual pleasure as well as a practical lotion for vaginal dryness. It contains no chemicals and has the same pH level as your skin, so it causes no irritation and its kiwi extract leaves you with a naturally fresh alternative to regular lubricants. It can be used with or without condoms and also with tampons, making Sylk the ideal lubricant enhancer for a more pleasurable sex life. Key Features of Sylk Personal Moisturiser Natural, water based formula NHS approved Can be used alongside HRT Safe to use with condoms, during pregnancy, and while breastfeeding