Using a Neti pot to clear nasal congestion

How to use a neti pot

So what is a Neti pot?  It’s a small container, usually plastic, that holds saline liquid (salty water) and is used to ‘flush out’ the nasal cavities. Many users report that it is the single best thing they have used to keep nasal congestion at bay. Many hay fever and sinusitis sufferers swear by their neti pots as an ‘on-demand’ solution.

Are neti pots powered by battery?

Neti pots are not powered, they simply rely on gravity to flow the water into one nostril and then back out through the other. Some netis have a small bulb that, when pressed, will add a bit of pressure to the ‘flushing’.

Can you mix your own saline?

Users generally mix up a saline solution to keep costs down. Our findings here are that 3 to 5 grams of salt is enough for half a litre of water.  You can add sodium bicarbonate up to about 2 grams per half litre of water. This is said to make the process more gentle on the sinuses, but in our experience this is not the case for most users, with great results from the simple saline mix.

Should I experience discomfort using a neti pot?

If you find it uncomfortable then experiment with the salt quantity and type. You need the salt to make it more comfortable, plain water hurts and it’s even more painful if it’s not warm first! With the prices of the neti pots being so cheap, it’s really worth purchasing one and is another tool in the armoury for a good night’s sleep.

What is a good alternative to a neti pot or similar manual nasal rinses?

A long-term professional alternative would be to use a machine such as the excellent SinuPulse Elite reviewed here.

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