Nasal congestion treatment and remedies


Nasal congestion can be a minor problem for some and a huge problem for others. Stuffy, blocked noses mean difficulty breathing and this generally worsens at night when you lie down. Congestion is caused by the thin tissue in the lining of the nose that swells up because of inflamed blood vessels in that area. Viruses and bacteria are the main culprits of this swelling and these can be introduced by colds, influenza (flu), hay fever, nasal polyps and general sinus infection. You can try to reduce the effects of these by some simple methods.

Nasal congestion rinsing

Firstly, most sufferers highly recommend regular ‘rinsing’ of the nasal passages with a saline solution. This does not involve any expense as you can make your own with salt and warm water. For ease of use try a cheap neti pot that can painlessly rinse in a few seconds.  It’s amazing how running water through a nose can help to CURE a runny nose!  This simple treatment is quite safe for children and many neti pots can adapt to different sized nostrils due to the taper on the end spout. For a more professional solution and one that I recommend personally, try the SinuPulse Elite reviewed here.  It’s a machine that irrigates the sinuses in a gentle and efficient way.

Opening nasal passages

Secondly, for a good night’s sleep it is essential to open the nasal passages to allow more air to pass.  This can be done in a few ways but most popular are the cheap disposable nasal strips such as Breathe Right. After this comes nasal plugs which can help in the same way but are washable and reusable.  Both of these methods can be used to combat snoring and help such illnesses as sleep apnea.

Do you have any nasal congestion cures?

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