Thumper Mini Pro2 massager review

thumper mini pro2 massager review

The Thumper Mini Pro2 massager is a truly remarkable piece of equipment. I first came across this device a long time ago on a visit to my Osteomyologist (specialist in manipulative therapy – combining chiropractic and osteopathic techniques). He uses this for patients who benefit from deep muscle tissue massage, in short a very large percentage of them.  I was very impressed by the way that the massage was vigorous yet controlled and asked if it was a professional tool or one that was available to buy to the public.

Basically, I found out this useful information….

Thumper Mini Pro2 and Sport massagers compared

The Thumper Mini Pro2 massager is recommended to those people in the business of muscle therapy and general or shiatsu massage.  If you are going to be doing continuous massages with it throughout the day then this is the one for you.  It has a decent size handle and is able to reach all areas of the patient without problems due to its long handle.  The motor has 3 speeds and is very strong.  That said, the gentle massage is very suitable for delicate areas such as ribcage.

I bought a Mini Pro 2 last year for myself after suffering chronic back pain.  My issue was a disc problem and the muscle relaxing done by this device enabled me to get to the root cause of the problem, giving the disc chance to heal naturally.  It is robust, user friendly and does the job fantastically well.

The Thumper Sport massager is a more versatile handheld massager for personal use.  It has the same power as the Mini Pro 2, but offers marginally better usability when self-massaging due to its long handle.  Measuring the two side by side, I can see that the Sport is some 6cm longer which means that I can more comfortably reach the middle of my back.

I have bought a Thumper Sport now for my daughter and she is more than happy with it, using it mostly on her lower back. She still uses my Thumper Mini Pro2 when she stays over but states that there’s no real difference in the end result for her.

Both units weigh 1.4kg which means they are easy for most people to hold and manipulate. A nice and long 3.7 metre power cord will obviously help when walking around a patient or person you are massaging.  The guarantee is 2 years but they seldom need attention, being one of the most robust and well put-together personal massagers out there.

The massage spheres gently hug your spine and the fine control of both units allows for easy massage of children and the elderly. For leg muscles that I find need a more vigorous massage the Thumper is more than capable too.

Whichever you choose, they are a stunningly well designed, professional piece of equipment that will withstand many years of use.

Disclaimer: This is an honest review of the Thumper massager. Neither I nor this website have received any incentive from the manufacturer in exchange for this review. I am a user of the massager so I’m able to comment on its effectiveness and price. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.