TENA Incontinence Pants Super Medium Size


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TENA Pants Super are designed for light to moderate bladder weakness. These pants are more absorbent than TENA Plus. Available in 2 sizes. TENA Pants Super are specially designed to pr ultimate protection for light to moderate bladder weakness. TENA Super are similar to TENA Plus, but are more absorbent for heavier bladder weakness. They feature a Feel Dry technology that rapidly absorbs wetness away from the skin, to keep you feeling fresh throughout the day. Worn just like underwear, they pr ultimate fit and are guaranteed to stay securely in place for maximum comfort. Key Features of TENA Lady Pants Feel dry layer Triple Protection – Dry, Secure & Odour Control Easy to pull on and off Anti-leakage barriers Dermatologically tested Waist Size: 80 cm – 110 cm