Optrex ActiMist 2 in 1 for Dry and Irritated Eyes



Rehydrating and protecting double action relief, which cools soothes and refreshes dry eyes fast. Optrex Acti Mist 2 in 1 for Dry and Irritated Eyes is easy to use – a good solution for people who don’t like fiddling with drops or touching their eyes. It can be used whilst wearing contact lenses and even whilst wearing make up making it easy to spray it any time, anywhere. In the majority of cases, dry eyes are due to a damaged tear film which allows the eye’s natural moisture to evaporate. Optrex Acti Mist eye spray works at the cause of dry eyes by stabilising the tear film to help restore the eye’s natural moisture. Sprayed onto closed eyes, the liposome particles in Optrex Acti Mist eye spray collect at the edges of your eyelid. When you blink the particles gently work their way in and spread across the surface of the eye. As the spray is made from an ingredient which is similar to that found in the tear film, it helps to restore the gaps in the damaged tear film. This reduces the loss of moisture from the eyes and helps restore the natural moisture balance for soothing long lasting relief for up to 4 hours. One bottle of Acti Mist contains approximately 200 sprays. Unlike some eye drops, Optrex Acti Mist eye spray does not need to be thrown away 28-days after opening, instead it can be used for up to 6 months after opening. In addition, the s e spray mechanism means that Optrex Acti Mist eye spray can be shared between users.