Melora Manuka Honey 100MGO


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Melora Manuka Honey is a high quality great tasting Honey, whether soothing a sore throat or adding a burst of flavour to food Melora Manuka Honey is always a great choice. Melora Everyday Multiflora Manuka Honey MGO 100+ / UMF 5+. This luxurious Manuka Honey is produced and packed in New Zealand to ensure it meets the strict Manuka Honey guidelines and 100% in dently verified by the UMF Association for purity and potency and quality. Manuka honey has many uses; from soothing a sore throat, supporting general health and wellbeing, enhancing beauty routines, to being a great way to add flavour to dish. MGO or otherwise known as ylglyoxal, which is naturally present in the Manuka bush and is used to measure the Manuka’s special properties, the higher the number, the more potent the honey.