Lovehoney Health Penis Pump and Ring Set


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Penis pump with constriction ring set for improved erection strength and size. The ergonomic design makes the pump easy to use one-handed. Quick-release valve stops suction when you’re finished pumping. 4 stretchy silicone constriction rings are included to help prolong your erection. Results may vary. Work towards a potential increase in the size and strength of your erection with this all-in-one penis pump. Easy to use, simply lubricate yourself and the pump’s entrance, slide inside, and use the textured grip to increase suction in the chamber. Watch yourself grow through the transparent tube, and keep track of your growth with the size indicator along the outside. You can pump regularly for potential size increase, or immediately prior to sexual activity for a boost. Using one of the included constriction rings may increase your erection’s strength and duration. After pumping, just press the button to release the suction. Lovehoney Health is a range of body-safe sexual health accessories that can empower you to take control of your own sexual health and happiness. Results may vary. Key Features of Lovehoney Penis Pump and Ring Set Potential increase in size and strength of erections Can be used regularly or before sexual activity Simple to use release button