Attends For Men (Level 4)


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Manage moderate urinary incontinence with Attends For Men 4. These discreet, body shaped pads are comfortable to wear to keep the skin dry and provide protection from leakage and odours. Absorption level 4. Attends For Men 4 are discreet, body shaped pads that have been designed for men with moderate bladder weakness. Attends for Men are made with a soft, breathable material to enable the skin to breathe, contributing to improved skin health. A handy strip of fixation tape allows comfortable use with close fitting underwear and Natural Odour Protection reduces the risk of unpleasant smells. Key features of Attends For Men Discreet incontinence pad for men Body shaped Soft, breathable material for improved skin health Fixation tape for comfortable use with close fitting underwear Natural Odour Protection reduces unpleasant smells Absorption level: 4