Videne Antiseptic Solution


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Videne Antiseptic Solution with povidone-iodine 10% w/w may be used wherever an effective antiseptic is required for the skin e.g in casualty work or for pre-operative skin preparation. It will give a colour delineation (marking) to the skin which effectivelyindicates which areas of the skin remain antiseptic. Videne Antiseptic Solution is a proven solution for skin, mucous membrane and wound antiseptic. Solution gradually releases iodine to help destroy bacteria (incl. MRSA), fungi and some viruses. Its broad efficacy is combined with high tolerability to ensure safe use without impairing healing of wounds. Videne Antiseptic Solution Benefits: For skin antisepsis, e. g. prior to surgery, catheterisation, injections and punctures For mucous membrane antiseptic, e. g. mouth, eye and genitals As antiseptic treatment for wounds, burns and infected skin High efficacy spectrum combined wiith high tolerability ensure safe use Performance of PVP Iodine c rmed in many studies and evaluations both in vitro and in practice Wide range of indications simplifies treatment protocols Allows skin delineation to indicate which skin areas are disinfected Povidone-Iodine USP 10% Effective as hand wash / scrub