TomatoMax Pure High Strength Tomato Extract



TomatoMAX Pure High Strength Tomato Extract gives you your lycopene dietary supplements. These are made using 100% natural ingredients and are equal to 1400mg of tomatoes. The lycopene contained in TomatoMAX is used to improve heart health, circulation, lower cholesterol, and maintain healthy blood pressure. Tomato MAX Pure High Strength Tomato Extract gives you powerful and highly absorbent lycopene antioxidants. It is made using 100% natural, active ingredients. A single capsule gives you the equivalent of 1400mg of tomatoes and 17mg of lycopene. Tomato MAX benefits for you Contains 100% natural ingredients One of the most powerful natural tomato products in the market A single Tomato MAX capsule equals the goodness of 2 kilos of ripe tomatoes Rich in antioxidants