TENA Men Level 2 Incontinence Absorbent Protector


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TENA For Men Level 2 are discreet shaped pads for light to moderate incontinence specially designed for men. Their unique shape creates a snug, discreet fit, and their boosted absorption zone and odour control keeps you feeling dry and fresh all day long. Dermatologically tested. TENA For Men Level 2 helps you to stay in control and protect yourself against medium urine leakage. Its absorbent core with boosted Secure Absorption Zone for leakage security locks in odours and moisture. Now much thinner but still offering the same security, the protector’s masculine, cup-shaped design ensures it sits securely in the underwear – so securely, you might even forget it is there. Wherever you find yourself, enjoy c dence and peace of mind with TENA Men. TENA Men have a new masculine outer contour shape. Using soft side elastic, it creates a snug and secure fit and the cup shape makes the protector discreet and comfortable to wear. An adhesive strip holds the protector in place to make it fit safely and discreetly in your underpants. Added odour control helps prevent unwanted smells. TENA Men are dermatologically tested to be kind to skin. Key Features of TENA For Men Level 2 Boosted Secure absorption zone 100% discreet Specially engineered for a man’s body Dermatologically tested Odour control Length: 27 cm