Tampax Regular Tampons



Tampax Regular Tampons are designed to give you long lasting protection up to 8 hrs and comfort. Tampax are easy and comfortable to insert and are designed with a rounded tip, so you can get on with your day, staying dry, protected and care-free. Tampax Regular are designed to pr you with the ultimate protection during your period. They ensure that you stay dry and protected from leaks all day long. Made with a special absorbent core that absorbs moisture through its absorption channels and an anti-leak skirt at the bottom of the applicator for additional back up protection. The anti-leak skirt helps prevent leaks before they happen. Tampax cardboard applicator tampons are incorporated with an anti-slip grip for easy, controllable insertion. Regular Tampax tampons are designed for light to medium flows days. Why use Tampax Regular?Long lasting protection up to 8hrs Made with an absorbent core Anti-leak skirt Anti-slip grip for easy, controllable insertion Regular – For light to medium flows days