Stugeron Travel Sickness 15mg


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Stugeron Travel Sickness Tablets are used in the prevention of travel sickness for the whole family. Stugeron tablets have a long lasting effect making it an ideal treatment for journeys whether travelling by car, boat or plane. What are Stugeron Anti-Travel Sickness Tablets? Stugeron Anti-Travel Sickness Tablets contain the ingredient Cinnarizine, which prevents sickness on long journeys. It balances organs in the inner ear which reduces sensory confusion, as well as working directly with the part of the brain to stop nausea. Stugeron also effectively decreases drowsiness so you can have a comfortable experience on your journeys. What causes Travel Sickness? Travel sickness, also known as motion sickness, is when you feel sick while travelling by boat, car, plane or train. This can be caused by repeated movements or bumps when travelling. While this is happening, your inner ear sends different signals to your brain from your eyes. These confusing messages can cause you to feel unwell. How Does Sturgeon Travel Sickness Tablets Work? Sturgeon Travel Sickness Tablets contain a key ingredient called Cinnarizine. This is an anti-nauseant that helps reduce the feeling of nausea when travelling. Cinnarizine is also used for treating labyrinthine disorders such as vertigo, dizziness and vomiting.