Slimfast Powder Tin Vanilla 12 Servings



You’ve set your goal let Slimfast help you get there.Slimfast Powder Tin Vanilla gives you a delicious vanilla flavoured milkshake that is thick and tasty, and can be used as a meal replacement for effective weight control. Slimfast Powder Tin Vanilla Slimfast Powder Tin Vanilla can be used to substitute two meals of an energy-restricted diet. Slimfast vanilla shake is thick and nourishing, contains no added sugar, is high in protein with 15g per serving, has 4g of fibre and includes 23 vitamins and minerals. When used in conjunction with a healthy diet, drinking enough water, and exercising daily, it contributes to effective weight loss. Weightloss with Slimfast Vanilla Powder Slimfast’s powder is a delicious and balanced way of losing weight and meeting your weightloss goals. By substituting two daily meals of an energy-restricted diet with meal replacements can contribute to weight loss. Benefits of Slimfast Powder Source of natural Fibre23 Vitamins and Minerals Only 230 calories 30% less sugar Great taste