SELFcheck Bowel Health Test


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Bowel Health Self Check Test is a simple and reliable test to detect symptoms of colon polyps. SELFcheck Bowel Health Test is an accurate, easy to use, and simple personal screening test to detect the first symptoms of colon polyps, adenomas, carcinomas, and other silent lesions. The traces of blood faeces/stools can be due to hemorrhoids, polyps and in rare cases, bowel cancer – SELFcheck Bowel Health Test can help you to be proactive in managing your health. Each kit includes: 1x test cassette, sample container with collection stick and buffer solution, full instructions leaflet and range leaflet. Salient features A discreet way to check your health status in the privacy of your home Produces a visual result in less than 10 minutes Requires only one small sample of the user’s faeces/stool to perform the test. Requires no change in the user’s diet, or g etc.