Scholls Pressure Point Foam Padding



Scholl Pressure Point Foam Padding offers ultra soft cushioning to reduce pressure & friction. Scholl Pressure Point Foam Padding What is Scholl Pressure Point Foam Padding?Scholl Pressure Point Foam Padding is dynamically designed to relieve pressure and friction on certain parts of your skin that can be both painful and irritating. Under dermatological testing, these pressure point foam pads have been shown to protect your skin, relieve pressure and let your skin to heal in its own time. Scholl Pressure Point Foam Padding pr s instant relief from painful footwear. Its unique ultra-soft cushioning protection is very useful in particular with sports footwear, with its high-performance adhesive to keep the cut to size padding firmly in place. They can be applied for the protection of heels and toes so you can continue your active lifestyle without having to compensate for your footwear. Why would I need Scholl Pressure Point Foam Padding?There are plenty of reasons to you may need foam padding to pr relief for your feet. You may need Scholl’ Pressure Point Foam Padding if you have: Callus’Corns Verrucas How to use Scholl Pressure Point Foam Padding?Before begin using Scholl Pressure Point Foam Padding, please ensure that your feet are both clean and dry. Take your foam padding and cut them into the best shape for the area you are trying to treat, then remove the backing paper. Press these cut pieces of foam against the skin, pressing firmly to your feet to ensure its properly attached. if the skin is broken, apply the foam padding over the top of the first aid dressing.