Safe & Sound Temporary Tooth Filling



Temporarily fill a tooth and relieve pain and discomfort until you can get to a dentist with Safe and Sound’s Temporary Tooth Filling Kit. Safe and Sound Health’s Temporary Tooth Filling Kit helps to ease pain and discomfort caused after losing a filling, crown, cap or inlay. The temporary dental filling can be used to replace a lost filling or crown and relieve any pain until you have the opportunity to visit your dentist. The temporary tooth filling kit is easy to use by moulding and filling into the part of your tooth that needs help. The temporary dental filling helps to fill the space and preventing pain and discomfort until your dental appointment. Seek dental advice as soon as possible after application. Key features of Safe and Sound Temporary Tooth Filling Used to temporarily replace a lost filling or crown Helps to offer short-term relief from dental pain Each pack pr s up to 10 temporary fillings Easy to use