Radox Feel Blissful Bath Soak 500ml


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Radox Bath Feel Blissful provides a soothing bath soak that leaves you feeling delightfully fragrant. Inspired by nature’s finest ingredients. Enjoy the unique, soothing blend of herbs, minerals, calendula and rose scent with RADOX Feel Blissful Bath Soak. From troubles to bubbles, close your eyes and let the calming bath soak cleanse your body, de-stress and revive you. We love RADOX Feel Blissful Bath Soak because .A pampering bath soak that leaves your skin delightfully fragrant Bath soak with herbs, minerals, calendula and rose scents inspired by nature’s finest ingredients Mood changing fragrance bath soak which cleanses your body and makes your feel relaxed A moisturising bath and bath gel suitable for daily use, pour bath soak under running water and relax, rinses off easily leaving skin feeling fresh and clean A scented bath soak and bath liquid pH neutral bath product, dermatologically tested and suitable for all skin types