QV Intensive Ointment


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QV Intensive Ointment is a highly intensive emollient balm for extremely dry skin. 5 active ingredients rehydrate skin and lock in moisture to leave it soft and protected, without any known irritants like colour, fragrance, or lanolin. Dermatologically tested. QV Intensive Ointment is a non greasy, cosmetically acceptable emollient balm. It works to not only rehydrate your skin, but also to help seal in moisture. Extremely dry and sensitive skin is left soft and protected thanks to five active ingredients, without any known irritants like fragrance, colour, or lanolin. Key features of QV Intensive Ointment Highly intensive emollient balm Non-greasy formula Contains 5 active ingredients Ideal for drier areas like the elbows or knees Leaves skin soft and protected Free from fragrance, colour, and lanolin Dermatologically tested