QV Bath Oil


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QV Bath Oil is bath additive that replenishes skin’s lost moisture on large areas of dry or sensitive skin. This non-greasy formula leave skin soft, supple, and with a healthy glow. Use in the bath, shower, or directly on skin. Free from colour, fragrance, and lanolin. Dermatologically tested. QV Bath Oil is a pleasant bath additive that helps to manage dry skin conditions. It can be used as frequently as required in the bath or shower or massaged directly onto the skin. Thanks to QV Bath Oil’s whole body moisture replenishment, your skins natural suppleness is restored, and it is left with a healthy glow. This non-greasy formula rejuvenates large areas of dry or sensitive skin. Key features of QV Bath Oil Bath additive Replenishes skin’s lost moisture Helps to manage dry skin conditions Skin is left supple and with a healthy glow Large areas of dry or sensitive skin are rejuvenated Use in the bath or shower or massage directly onto skin Free from fragrance, colour, and lanolin Dermatologically tested Suitable for infants upwards