Poligrip Max Seal



Keep your dentures in place all day with Poligrip Max Seal Denture Fixative Cream. This fixative secures your dentures to prevent movement and food debris. Poligrip Max Seal Denture Fixative Cream is a denture fixative cream that holds dentures tight for up to 12 hours. Ideal for those having problems with denture movement or food debris, Poligrip Max is perfect to secure your dentures to reduce rubbing. Sore sports and gum irritation is prevented. What’s more, its specially designed nozzle enables perfect application of exactly the right amount of fixative to your denture. Key Features of Poligrip Max Seal Denture fixative cream Minimises pressure, rubbing, and irritation from dentures Holds dentures tight for up to 12 hours Prevents food debris getting between your denture and gum With adhesive polymers