Poligrip Cushion and Comfort



Keep your denture in place all day with less irritation with Poligrip Denture Fixative Cushion & Comfort. More than juts a fixative, this hydro-activated gel creates a superior seal that keeps out food and cushions the gums against discomfort from denture wearing. Poligrip Denture Fixative Cushion & Comfort is a denture fixative cream that pr s extra gum comfort by cushioning gums with its unique gel layer. Poligrip Cushion & Comfort contains CMC and Carbomer to relieve the strains of wearing a denture. It’s suitable for everyone who is using a full or partial denture and are looking for extra gum comfort. More than just a fixative, this hydro-activated gel creates a superior seal to keep out food particles and pr an all-day strong hold on your dentures, minimising pressure, rubbing, and irritation. What’s more, Poligrip Cushion & Comfort has a new, specially designed precision nozzle that enables you to use exactly the right amount of fixative cream on your denture. Key Features of Poligrip Cushion & Comfort Denture fixative cream Extra gum comfort that minimises pressure, rubbing, and irritation from dentures Superior seal keeps out food and stays strong all day With CMC and Carbomer