Pink Washable Foam Face Covering


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Cover your nose and mouth with a Pink Washable Face Covering. This lightweight, breathable cover has a foam like feel for your comfort. One size fits most, Unisex Adult. Cover your nose and mouth, with the lightweight Pink Washable face covering. Comfortable and breathable, they can be washed (cool wash only) and reused. Made with soft Terylene and Spandex which has a foam like feel. Easy to wear, soft sponge ear loops for a secure fit. Key features of Pink Washable face covering Covers your nose and mouth Comfortable to wear Face covering has a lightweight foam like feel Washable(cool wash only ) One size fits most Unisex Adult size Made with Terylene and Spandex Comfortable ear loops for a secure fit This face covering is not surgical grade or a medical device. Please see our range of 3 ply and KN95 Face Masks.