Pharmaceris T Puri-Sebostatic Deeply Cleansing Face Foam


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Pharmaceris T Puri-Sebostatic is a gentle foam that effectively cleanses the skin of impurities and make-up. Pharmaceris T Puri Sebostatic Deeply Cleansing Foam is a face wash foam for daily care which is suitable for use on skin prone to acne, and combination skin with a tendency to blackheads and excessive sebum secretion. It can also be used on skin dehydrated by anti-acne treatment. Natural Hydroxycitric Acid contained within Tamarind Extract offers excellent exfoliating properties, promoting dead skin cell removal, and moisturising the skin to restore its hydro-balance. Burdock Extract and Zinc PCA reduce oily skin disorders, normalising sebum secretion. The product is recommended for the skin of all ages. Cruelty-free.