Pharmaceris R Puri-Rosalgin Physiological Face Gel Wash


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Pharmaceris R Puri-Rosalgin Face Gel Wash is an extremely gentle soap-free cleansing base that helps maintain the physiological balance of the skin without compromising the natural protective barrier. Pharmaceris R Puri Rosalgin Soothing Physiological Face Gel Wash has been formulated with a gentle soap-free cleansing base to help maintain the skin’s physiological balance without compromising its natural protective barrier. It effectively removes impurities and makeup without causing irritation or dryness. Allantoin and D-Panthenol combine to reduce inflammation, calm irritation and soothe redness. Moisturising and nourishing Mango Wax eliminates the feeling of dryness and prevents tightness. Cruelty-free.