Oral-B Pro Expert Protection Clean Mint Toothpaste


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Oral-B Pro Expert Professional Protection Clean Mint contains a polyflurite system consisting of an antibacterial fluoride and active clean crystals to provide a unique cleaning sensation. Oral-B Pro Expert Professional Protectioncontains a POLYFLUORITE SYSTEM consisting of an antibacterial fluoride and Active Clean Crystals to pr a unique cleaning sensation. You can actually feel it working. With regular brushing, Oral-B Pro-Expert helps: Cavities: By fighting bacteria, Oral-B Pro-Expert ensures there is less cavity-producing acid, and replenishes crucial minerals that are depleted. Plaque: Oral-B Pro-Expert is clinically proven to pr long-lasting protection against plaque, and to significantly reduce plaque re-growth. Enamel: Oral-B Pro-Expert produces a protective barrier to help prevent food acids from damaging enamel. Tartar: Studies prove that Oral-B Pro-Expert can reduce tartar build up by 56% compared to other all-in-one toothpastes. Whitening: Oral-B Pro-Expert can remove up to 96% of surface stains in 2 weeks, and prevent new stains from forming. Fresh Breath: Helps achieve and maintain long-lasting fresh breath. Tests showed 71% less bad breath after only three weeks of use (vs. fluoride toothpaste).Prevent Gum Problems: Reduces the effect of receeding gums Sensitivity: Builds increasing protection against painful sensitivity