NiQuitin Mint Lozenge 2mg


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Cut down on the number of cigarettes you smoke or quit smoking altogether with NiQuitin Mint Lozenges. These mint flavour lozenges contain 2mg of nicotine and are suitable for those who smoke more than 30 minutes after waking. Ni Quitin Mint Lozenge 2mg effectively relieve sudden nicotine cravings and continue to work even after the lozenge has gone. When used at regular intervals they pr your body with therapeutic nicotine, helping you to cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke or quit altogether. Ni Quitin Mint Lozenges pr relief from the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, such as headaches, insomnia, and nervousness. Key features of Ni Quitin Mint Lozenge Stop Smoking Aid 2 mg of nicotine Pr s therapeutic nicotine Relieve sudden cravings and symptoms of withdrawal Cut down or quit altogether Mint flavour For those who smoke 30+ minutes after waking