Natracare Natural Pantyliners Curved



For everyday use, these natural pantyliners are made from natural cellulose & contain no plastics, perfumes or synthetics. They are Totally Chlorine Free (TCF), over 74% renewable and over 93% biodegradable. Available in Breathable (staright mini liner), Curved (shaped with biofilm base layer), Tanga (for thong / string underwear). Natracare Natural Pantyliners Curved Natracare Natural Pantyliners Curved are made with natural cellulose and are anatomically shaped to fit the curves of your body. Free from plastics, perfumes and synthetics, Natracare is an organic, natural pantyliner for women. Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Features of Natracare Natural Pantyliners Certified organic cotton cover Plastic-free GMO-free ingredients No perfumes or dyes Totally Chlorine Free Biodegradable & compostable Made for sensitive skin