Meritene Energis Soup Chicken


Meritene Energis Chicken Soup combines 19 vitamins and minerals to release energy and support the immune system & bones. Delicious chicken soup. 207 calories. Meritene Energis Chicken Soup are specially designed to help when you are feeling run down, tired, or to help with recovery. This unique blend of 19 vitamins and minerals is ideal for adults who suffer from regular weakness or fatigue, who lack appetite, or are recovering from poor health. It is also beneficial for recovery after surgery and for those who simply wish to stay strong and active. Meritene Energis is made with Zinc and Iron to support the normal function of the immune system; Calcium and Vitamin D to help support bones; Vitamins B2, B6 & C and Iron to help release energy; 7g of protein; and fire. As well as this, there are only 207 calories per serving and no added sugar. > Key Features of Meritene Energis Chicken Soup Delicious chicken soup Ideal for those who experience regular fatigue Releases energy Enriched with 19 vitamins and minerals 207 calories