Kotex Normal Light & Soft Liners



Kotex Normal Light & Soft Liners 35, soft and light to the touch, this versatile little number loves your lingerie as much as you do. Pretty, feminine, and discreet for freshness any day, everyday!. Kotex Normal Light & Soft Liners offer reliable protection that’s even softer than before. Use on lighter days or just to feel fresh any day of the week. The portable, comfy liners also help cover light bladder leakage or sudden wetness, and work to give you everyday freshness. Helps protect against leaks – The all way round leakage barrier safeguards your panties. Stays put – Stay in place protection helps keep your liner comfortable and secure. Keeps you comfy – Comfort Flex design moves with your for a comfortable fit. Feels soft to touch – The cottony cover is super soft against your skin. Free of artificial fragrances – No scents or artificial fragrance are used.