Imodium Plus Comfort Caplets



IMODIUM Plus Comfort tablets work to quickly relieve diarrhoea, while also soothing painful cramps in your stomach, uncomfortable bloating and embarrassing wind. Take control of your diarrhoea with IMODIUM Plus Comfort. IMODIUM Plus Comfort contains an additional ingredient called Simeticone, which helps ease excess gas in the gut that can cause pain, bloating and discomfort. IMODIUM Plus Comfort gives you on-the-go diarrhoea relief in under one hour, and helps restore your body’s natural rhythm, so you can be discomfort free and get on your day. What are the key benefits of IMODIUM Plus Comfort? For fast, effective relief from diarrhoea in under an hour Soothing formula relieves cramps, bloating and wind Easy-to-swallow tablets What does Imodium do? IMODIUM contains the active ingredient Loperamide. This medication is used to treat sudden diarrhoea (including traveller’s diarrhoea). It works by slowing down the movement of the gut. This decreases the number of bowel movements and makes the stool less watery. IMODIUM Plus Comfort also contains Simeticone which helps to relieve excess gas that can cause pain and bloating.