Imodium Dual Action Relief


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Imodium Dual Action Relief is formulated to stop diarrohoea and soothe painful cramping, bloating and embarrassing wind. It contains the active ingredient Simeticone and Loperamide. IMODIUM Dual Action is uniquely formulated to not only help stop diarrhoea but also soothe painful cramping, uncomfortable bloating and embarrassing wind. Diarrhoea can be triggered by certain foods, drinks and eating habits, or might be related to stress or anxiety. It can even be due to changes in diet while travelling. Some people can often experience abdominal pain, cramps and bloating too. Each IMODIUM Dual Action tablet contains an active ingredient called Simeticone, which helps ease excess gas in the gut and alleviates painful accompanying symptoms. These tablets also contain an active ingredient called Loperamide, which gently slows down your digestion to help your body return to its natural rhythm and retain water and vital nutrients. Take IMODIUM Dual Action to treat more than just diarrhoea! Key features of Imodium Dual Action Relief IMODIUM Dual Action works to effectively relieve both diarrhoea as well as painful cramps, bloating, embarrassing wind. Nothing offers more complete relief from diarrhoea and bloating, cramps and wind. Helps ease excess gas in the gut and alleviates accompanying uncomfortable symptoms. Restores your bowel to its normal rhythm & helps your body retain water and vital nutrients. IMODIUM Dual Action Tablets. For acute diarrhoea and its gas-related symptoms (aged 12+). Always read the label. For claims verification please call 0808 238 9999