Hycosan Dry Eye Drops


Hycosan – just click, click, soothe…Hycosan provides an effective solution to relieve tired, dry feeling eyes. Hycosan contains 300 preservative-free, precise drops of a natural ingredient in a unique format.Soothes and moisturises 1-Click equals 1-Drop Ideal for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. Hycosan drops mean that you are just a click away from relieving your tired and dry eyes. The unique formula is suitable for even the most sensitive eyes and can be used as frequently as you require. Just one click pr s 1 drop that is just the right size for the eye, meaning there is no more wasting the solution. Hycosan is also free from any potentially irritating preservatives and this bottle will last around 12 weeks once opened, which is longer than most other bottled drops.