HealthAid Zinc Gluconate 70mg Tablets


HealthAid Zinc Gluconate 70mg Tablets help maintain normal growth, good vision, healthy skin, strong bones and helps to boost the immune system reducing the symptoms of a cold or the flu. A Zinc supplement may help to ensure against any deficit in the diet, especially during the winter months. Health Aid Zinc Gluconate 70mg Tablets pr your body with the essential mineral Zinc, which is key for your system’s ability to protect and repair itself and for growth and cell division. Zinc predominantly helps with your eyesight, joint and cell growth while stimulating enzyme activity and healthy immunity. Not only that, but it can also help with your metabolism, activity, liver functionality, sperm count and healing wounds. Health Aid Zinc Gluconate 70mg Tablets are therefore ideal for those who have comprised immunity and are often prone to colds and the flu, those who follow fad diets or limit calorie intake. Zinc is a great supplement to take at any time, but they may be particularly beneficial during the winter months. Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans