HealthAid Livercare Vegetarian


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HealthAid Livercare Tablets are carefully formulated with specific ingredients that contribute to normal liver health. They contain natural ingredients and are suitable for both men and women aged 16 and above. Vegetarian friendly. Health Aid Livercare Vegetarian Tablets are a great way to detoxify your liver. The liver is the metabolic centre of the body, responsible for the processing of much of the body’s metabolic waste. The liver processes this through two main mechanisms, known as phase 1 and phase 2 detoxification. Modern lifestyle choices can force the liver to work hard; and nutritional support is essential for it to function optimally. Health Aid Livercare Vegetarian Tablets are suitable for: People who regularly eat fast food meals and do not have a healthy balanced diet People who feel really run down and sluggish Excessive smokers People who wish to cleanse and detoxify their liver