HealthAid Interfresh


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Health Aid Interfresh 60 capsules contain a natural and highly concentrated liquid gel formulation specially designed to help freshen the breath. Health Aid Interfresh, neutralises bad breath and aids digestion. They are also beneficial to overcome morning breath. Health Aid Interfresh Capsules work internally through your digestive system and target the root and eliminate the causes of bad breath, therefore leaving you with day-long c dence that your breath is odour-free. Interfresh Capsules might be of particular use to smokers, people with compromised digestive systems, people with dentures or gum disease and those who eat a lot of strong smelling foods. Interfresh Capsules may be of benefit to: Those who eat spicy / hot foods or drink strong smelling beverages such as coffee Those who have dentures, poor dental hygiene or gum disease Smokers Those with a compromised digestive system Those under stress as part of the parasympathetic nervous system, of which you have no control (such as breathing or your heart beat) controls the saliva. So if no saliva is produced then your mouth gets dry, and your breath gets worse Anyone seeking the c dence of fresh breath