Fortisip Compact Protein Mocha


Fortisip Compact Protein Mocha is a high energy, nutritional supplement containing 18g protein per bottle, for use under medical supervision. Fortisip Compact Protein is a supplement to compliment the diets of patients unable to meet their nutritional requirements through other food. Fortisip Compact Protein Mocha is a high energy, high protein, ready to drink milkshake style nutritional supplement for the dietary management of disease related malnutrition. Fortisip Compact Protein can be used to supplement the diet of those who cannot meet their nutritional requirements from other foods. Fortisip may be prescribed for the following indications: short bowel syndrome, intractable malabsorption, pre-operative preparation of undernourished patients, inflammatory bowel disease, total gastrectomy, dysphagia, bowel fistulae, disease related malnutrition. Key Features of Fortisip Compact Protein Management of disease-related malnutrition High energy – 2. 4kcal/ml High protein – 18g protein/125ml bottle Ready to drink milkshake style Pleasing Mocha flavour 125 ml bottle Gluten Free