Fixodent Plus 0% Denture Adhesive



Fixodent Plus 0% Denture Adhesive Cream Flavour Free gives you premium denture adhesive cream, designed to improve the fit and feel of your dentures. It contains 0% colorants, flavors or zinc. Fixodent Plus 0% Denture Adhesive Cream Flavour Free delivers a great fit and strong hold for your dentures all day long, so you can continue with your day with c dence and in comfort. The unique formula has 0% colourants, 0% flavour, and no added zinc to offer you a complete natural feel. Also, it comes with a precision nozzle to give you complete control to apply the right amount of adhesive for a perfect fit. Major benefits of Fixodent Plus Denture Adhesive Cream Contains no artificial flavours, colourants or zinc Contains no sugar, making it suitable for diabetics Stronghold keeps dentures firmly in their place throughout the day Snug and comfortable fit for increased comfort Prevent the infiltration of food particles, resulting in reduced gum irritation and soreness.