ExSeed Home Sperm Test Kit


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Take control of your fertility with the new home testing kits from ExSeed Health. Receive results within 15 minutes – ExSeed uses advanced fertility technology to track your sperm volume, motility, and concentration, all on your smartphone. This bundle contains 2 tests. Ex Seed Home Sperm Test Kit allows you to improve your Sperm Health and increase your chances of conceiving. Ex Seed will tell you your overall sperm health and identify the steps to improve your fertility. The CE Certified device and app will pr your Sperm Health results fast with over 95% accuracy. The app has a personalized lifestyle intervention program included that will help you with valuable tips on improving your sperm health whatever the result. The tests come in discreet packaging and only takes 15 minutes to get results. Fertility experts will be ready for any questions and will help guide you on your journey. How your sperm is measured The Ex Seed Home Sperm Test measures the Total Motile Sperm Count. This is the total amount of sperm cells moving forward per ejaculate. This number is one of the best predictors of male fertility because it measures the amount of sperm cells that could possibly reach the egg after intercourse. The number is made up of the three-measurement volume, concentration and motility. Volume Semen volume is the total quantity of fluid ejaculated. A normal volume is more than 1. 5ml. Below that is called Hypospermia and can, for example, be caused by hormonal abnormalities or ductal blockage. Concentration Sperm concentration is a measurement of how many sperm cells there are in each millilitre of semen. A normal concentration is above 15 million sperm cells per millilitre. Being below 15 million sperm cells per millilitre is referred to as oligospermia, and it is called azoospermia if there are no sperm cells at all. Motility Sperm motility is the forward motion of sperm cells. For a sperm to fertilize the egg, it must travel quickly through the female reproductive system, which requires strong forward swimming motion. Our algorithm tracks forward motility, which is also referred to as progressive motility. Normal motility is above 32% of the sperm cells moving, below that is called asthenozoospermia.