Exorex Lotion 5%


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Exorex Lotion 5% Triple Pack is a topical dermatological preparation containing coal tar extract (5%) that is used to treat psoriasis of the skin and scalp. Multipack 100ml x 3. Lotion 5% Triple Pack contains 5% prepared coal tar in the bast of esterified fatty acids. The ingredients used allows you to notice an improvement to your skin within a few weeks, however it may also take longer for the improvement to occur. This prodcut is used for the treatment of psoriasis whilst other prodcuts are complementary, designed to assist in the management of psoriasis. Lotion 5% Triple Pack can be diluted to suit individual requirements. Dilution is recommended if you have sensitive skin, if you are a long-term sufferer or have used steroids in the past. Dilution is also recommended for the elderly and children under 12. In this multipack you will receive Lotion 5% 100ml x 3.