Eucerin UreaRepair Plus 5% Urea Body Wash


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Eucerin UreaRepair Plus 5% Urea Body Wash gently cleanses and rehydrates dry to very dry skin. This body wash has been especially developed for dry and very dry skin and is suitable to use daily on the body, face and hands. It can be used on skin prone to atopic aczema, psoriasis or aged skin. Can be used for children from the age of 3 years. Suitable for intimate cleansing. It leaves the skin moisturised, smooth and supple and relieves itchiness. With regular use it protects the skin from further drying out. Product Features Clinically proven suitability for psoriasis, dry skin and eczema With 5% Urea and natural moisturising factors Gentle and effective cleansing Dermatological skincare Free of perfume, colourants and soap