Eucerin Hyaluron Filler + Elasticity Night Cream


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Eucerin Hyaluron Filler + Elasticity Night Cream regenerates and deeply nourishes the skin overnight. With ageing, skin undergoes structural changes. It loses elasticity, firmness, radiance and the number of wrinkles increase. This night cream contains an effective mix of anti-oxidants and hyaluronic acid to improve the skin in three ways: More elasticity: Arctiin can be shown to accelerate the renewal process of collagen in skin cells and Silymarin helps protect collagen and elastin from oxidative stress. Skin feels firmer and elasticity is increased More radiance: The antioxidant Silymarin is also shown to activate skin’s micro circulation system on a cellular level. Skin looks fresh and radiant. Less wrinkles: The formula with high and low molecular Hyaluronic Acid visibly plumps up appearance of deep wrinkles Additionally, the formula with Argan Oil, rich in caring lipids, helps to regenerate and intensively nourish the skin overnight.