E45 Junior Foaming Bath Milk


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E45 Junior Foaming Bath Milk gently and thoroughly cleanses and moisturises children’s delicate and sensitive skin, bringing relief from dry, irritated skin. E45 Junior Foaming Bath Milk is made up of 2 layers: a soft creamy foam and a soothing milk. Once mixed together, this fun bath milk will gently cleanse and moisturise your child’s dry skin and relieve irritation. This sensitive formula is soap, colour and perfume free, as well as being hypoallergenic, non-greasy and dermatologically tested. Many parents will be familiar with the challenging experience of trying to apply an ordinary emollient to their child’s skin when it’s sore, irritated and itchy. Thankfully, E45 Junior Foaming Bath Milk makes the whole experience much more pleasant for you and your child. Multipack 500ml x 5.