Cuticura Mildly Medicated Bar Soap


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Launched in 1865,Cuticura Mildly Medicated Bar Soap was their original innovation. Its sensitive yet effective formulation has helped millions of people to soothe, cleanse, and moisturize their dry skin. Suitable for everyday use. Gentle enough to use on sensitive and problem dry skin, Cuticura Mildly Medicated Bar Soap has a special formulation that helps to make your skin feel and look better. Cuticura’s Mildly Medicated Bar Soap contains active ingredients renowned for soothing and moisturising, as well as cleansing anti bacterial properties for your skin. Suitable for everyday use on dry skin. Key features of Cuticura Mildly Medicated Bar Soap: Gentle enough for use on sensitive and problem dry skin Contains naturally soothing Allantoin Cleansing anti-bacterial properties Suitable for eczema-prone skin. Soothes, cleanses, and moisturizes skin