Clinitas Soothe 0.4% Vials


Clinitas Soothe is a natural, preservative-free eye drop in easy to use single containers. It has a uniquely high concentration of sodium hyaluronate, which along with its optimised molecular weight ensures prolonged relief from dry eyes. Clinitas Soothe Lubricant Eye Drops is ideal for busy, active people with sub-chronic dry, gritty eyes caused by inadequate mucin and aqueous layers. Bring soothing relief Clinitas Soothe Lubricant Eye Drops is ideal for everyday use for dry, irritated, and gritty eyes caused by: Low blink rate activities – computer use, TV watching, driving, or reading Dry air due to air conditioning, heating, air travel, and pollution Contact lens Tired eyes Laser surgery Sensitivity to preservatives Symptoms associated with the menopause Benefits of Clinitas Soothe Lubricant Eye Drops Gentle, lasting, soothing relief Easy to carry and apply with re-sealable droppers Non-toxic and contact lens friendly