Cenlax (Calcium Sennoside) 7.5mg


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Cen Lax 7. 5mg Tablets Adult contains sennosides which work as a stimulant laxative for the short-term relief of occasional constipation. Cen Lax 7. 5mg Tablets Adult contains calcium sennosides. Constipation is a fairly common and uncomfortable complaint. It usually involves difficult or irregular bowel movements, accompanied by hard, dry motions which can be painful to pass. Laxatives do not help with weight loss. What is constipation? Normal and regular bowel movement is important for most people. However, what is ‘normal and regular’ varies from person to person. Some may have a bowel movement every day, others less often. Whatever it is like for you, it is best that your bowel movement has a regular pattern. Constipation is an occasional problem for some people. For others, it may happen more often. It happens when the normal muscle actions in the bowel (large intestine) slow down. This can mean that material is not easily eliminated from the body. The cause of constipation is often not known. It can be associated with: Sudden change of diet A diet with not enough fibre Not drinking enough fluids Loss of ‘tone’ of the bowel muscles in older people Pregnancy Medicines such as or codeine Having to stay in bed for a long time Lack of exercise Whatever the cause, constipation can be uncomfortable. It may make you feel bloated and heavy or generally ‘off colour’. Sometimes it causes headaches. It is recommended to use changes in diet and bulk forming medicines to control constipation before using this medicine. These healthy tips are recommended to try to prevent constipation happening: Eat a balanced diet including fresh fruit and vegetables Drink enough water so that you do not become dehydrated Keep up your exercise and stay fit Make time to empty your bowels when your body tells you What Cen Lax 7. 5mg Tablets Adult looks like and contents of the pack Cen Lax 7. 5mg Tablets Adult are light green to brown colour, round, convex shaped uncoated tablet, plain on bo