CB12 Boost Gum


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CB12 Boost Gum 10’s is the best way to give your breath a minty fresh boost and eliminate bad oral odours. Just one piece will breathe new life into your mouth and give you the confidence to make the day your own. CB12 Boost Gum 10’s gives you a quick boost of c dence wherever you are. With its refreshing minty flavour, CB12 Boost Gum quickly becomes a mint you won’t want to leave home without. The best part is that it’s completely sugar free! Patented technology for fresh breath CB12 Boost is designed with a patented technology and double action that sim ously pr s cooling minty freshness and prevents unpleasant breath with zinc acetate, the active ingredient used in CB12. Triple action formula Prevents odours Reduces plaque growth Strengthens your teeth against cavities