Calpol Six Plus Sugar Free Suspension Sachets


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CALPOL SIXPLUS Suspension Sugar Free Sachets are formulated with over twice the strength of infant paracetamol to pr effective, soothing relief from pain and fever in children aged 6 and over and start to work on fever in just 15 minutes without being harsh on the tummy. Trusted by parents for over 50 years, CALPOL SIXPLUS Suspension Sachets multipack comes with 3 packs of 12 x 5ml sachets that are helpful to use whilst travelling and on the go. Suitable to carry on a flight or keep in a handbag, ready measured at 5ml per sachet. They relieve the symptoms of fever, cold and flu, teething, headache, toothache, earache, sore throat and other aches and pains. CONTAINS PARACETAMOL. View Calpol Six Plus Sugar Free Suspension Sachets Patient Information Leaflet Here What can calpol six plus be used for? Calpol can be given to children for the following reasons: Relieving mild to moderate pain such as headache, toothache, teething, earache or sore throat. Reducing a high temperature (fever).Relieving aches, pains, fever and general discomfort associated with colds and flu or following childhood vaccinations. For access to the full Patient Information Leaflet please click here. Please note that results may vary.