Calogen Neutral


Calogen Neutral is a ready-to-use, high energy, nutritional supplement to fortify the diet of those who are unable to meet their energy and dietary requirements from regular food and drink. Gluten and Lactose Free. Ca Neutral is a high energy, long chain triglyceride fat emulsion. Ca can be used to supplement or fortify the diet of people who are unable to meet their energy requirements from regular dietary intake. Ca is suitable for people requiring electrolyte restrictions, can be used to replace milk in protein restricted diets and can be used as an energy enhancer in tube feeds and oral nutritional supplements. Ca Neutral may be prescribed for the following indications: disease related malnutrition; malabsorption states, or other conditions requiring fortification with a high fat supplement with or without fluid and electrolyte restriction. Key Features of Ca Neutral Nutritional supplement Versatile drink with neutral taste Energy dense, protein-free shot-style, oral nutritional supplement High energy – 4. 5kcal/ml Gluten & L e Free